5 Most Underrated Delivery Foods

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We all know the most common lineup of delivery foods — pizza, Chinese, Thai, and the like. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your typical take-out fare, with services like ours that now enable delivery from all sorts of previously undeliverable restaurants, why not explore a bit more? To help with that, we took a look at our historical data to see which food items were the most underrated when viewed as options for delivery in the hopes that coming up with a shortlist might fuel a little adventurous spirit.

You’re probably thinking, “won’t the noodles be a soggy, mushy mess?” It’s a good thing ramen shops thought about that too! That’s why most places package the noodles completely separate from the broth, thereby maintaining the consistency and rich flavors of the dish upon delivery.

Like their ramen counterparts, pho restaurants have also learned to appropriately package their dishes to travel well. One notable finding was that pho has consistently ranked above ramen, and is oftentimes, the delivery food of choice during inclement weather.

Vivid images of fresh nigiri are all but shattered when viewed through the lens of delivery…or so we thought. That is, until we saw just how much care and attention these sushi chefs were putting into ensuring that the customer’s experience at home would be just as enjoyable as any dining experience at the restaurant.

While unexpected at first, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some good old BBQ is a popular delivery choice given that not everybody has the equipment or the time to cook up the real thing. Quality BBQ isn’t one of those things that you can quickly whip up at home, and that’s where delivery fills the gap.

Though it may not be all that surprising that tacos make sense for delivery, the feedback we’ve received suggests otherwise. For most folks, it seems that tacos aren’t really an option that naturally comes to mind. Perhaps it’s because the image of tacos from taco trucks has become so iconic for many us. Whatever the case may  be, our data shows that people definitely do appreciate some fresh comida delivered straight to their doors.

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