Kelly’s Epicurean Exploits: Chilbo Myunok

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Hello everyone! Kelly here, back for the New Year to help introduce you to another of our amazing restaurant partners. This week, I ordered from the Korean restaurant, Chilbo Myunok, a cool little spot located in the food court of the Zion Market Shopping Center right here in Koreatown. They serve a wide array of traditional Korean dishes, including Korean BBQ, bibimbap (rice bowls), and various soups and stews.

One of the dishes I tried out was the Bulgogi Rice Bowl Bibimbap, a rice bowl with bulgogi meat and assorted vegetables. If you visit them there, you can get your bibimbap served in a traditional hot stone pot, but I can tell you that it’s just as delicious when you order delivery.

The Bulgogi Rice Bowl Bibimbap is filled in rice, grilled marinated beef, mushrooms, greens, cucumbers, and bean spouts. It’s topped with a fried egg, chili sauce, and seaweed flakes. It’s served with a side soup and side dishes.

The Bulgogi Rice Bowl Bibimbap is topped with a fried egg, and comes with side dishes and soup. It’s also covered in toppings like seaweed, sesame seeds, and a spicy red sauce, called kochujang, a red chili paste used to mix it all together. And this bibimbap had no shortage of delicious ingredients. The bulgogi beef was tender, salty, and sweet — along with the mushrooms, it gave this veggie heavy dish a nice meatiness that I thoroughly enjoyed. Also, the veggies were fresh and crisp, and the perfectly-cooked rice made this a filling lunch. My favorite part of the dish was the kochujang sauce. The sauce, mixed with the yolk from the fried egg, was absolutely mouth-watering.

Quick history lesson: bibimbap was traditionally eaten on the eve of the Lunar New Year as people felt that they had to make use of all of their leftovers before the New Year began. And so, all of the leftovers were put together in a rice bowl, and thus, bibimbap was born.

The second dish I ordered was the LA BBQ Short Ribs, which comes with rice, soup, and side dishes. This beef short rib dish is marinated in a delicious sweet and salty soy sauce-based marinade.

The LA BBQ Short Ribs are grilled and marinated beef ribs served with rice, soup, and side dishes.

Just like the bulgogi, the short ribs were tender, sweet, and salty. The thin, easy-to-eat, pieces are stacked in a delicious pile, placed nicely alongside rice, seaweed soup, and various side dishes like kimchi.

If neither of these dishes are up your alley, don’t fret, Chilbo offers what seems like a never-ending list of bibimbap, soups and stews, and some dumplings too. Anything an Angeleno foodie has a Korean craving for, Chilbo Myunok has.

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